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Since its inception in 2006, The Dating Loft has established itself as one of the leading Dating Agencies in Singapore and beyond. They cater to an exclusive pool of local professionals and expatriates who are serious in their pursuit of relationship happiness.

A testament to their credibility and level of professionalism, The Dating Loft was officially accredited by the Social Development Network (SDN) under the Ministry of Community Youth & Sports (MCYS) in 2008. Since then, they have continuously sought means to improve the standards of their matchmaking services, while safeguarding their clients’ confidentiality and interests.

The Dating Loft is known to host relaxed and exclusive dating events for professionals looking for a fun night out and the opportunity to meet other like-minded singles without any pressure. The best thing is – you get to choose whom you want to date one-on-one later! Alternatively, they can also set you up for an exciting blind date.


A boutique-style dating agency, The Dating Loft offers a personalized suite of services ranging from pre-event and image consultations, to pre-matched group dinners. They ensure the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

They also arrange discreet one-on-one dates, based on your preferences.


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Services + Promotion

  • Personalized Profiling Consultation Personalized Profiling Consultation

    A private and personal in-depth profiling and dating consultation with our Dating Consultant, where issues on relationship expectations, romantic history, partner’s criteria/requirements and family patterns will be covered. A complete session will last from 45 minutes to an hour or more. It is compulsory to undergo this before joining The Dating Loft as a member.

  • Values & Beliefs Profiling System Values & Beliefs Profiling System

    This is the second part of the personalized profiling consultation and it is proprietary to The Dating Loft. After the initial profiling, suitable candidates will be invited to continue with the values and beliefs profiling where certain attitudes/beliefs towards key areas such as marriage, freedom and money are noted and input into our backend system for further matching. This session will only take about 20 to 30 minutes. It is compulsory to undergo this before joining The Dating Loft as a member.

  • Dating Consultation Dating Consultation

    Tailored to each member’s needs, this session can cover a wide ranging array of topics from male/female communication, courtship processes, dating tips and procedures…. This is to help members, especially those who are very new to dating to get start on the right foot and to encourage them to take initiative at the right time. The consultant will also provide feedback and constructive comments so that they can improve their dating etiquette. Sessions usually ranges from 30 minutes to an hour.

  • Pre-event Consultation Pre-event Consultation

    When a new member joined The Dating Loft, we will invite the member to come back for a pre-event consultation before embarking on their first event or date. This session will last from about 45 minutes to an hour, depending again on the requirements of the member. Managing expectations, pre-framing mindsets so that they are positive and open to the possibility to meeting people, as well as going through step by step what is going to happen in the event are the usual areas covered in such a consultation. Basic grooming and date etiquette may also be included.

  • Post-Event Review Session Post-Event Review Session

    After a member attended his or her group dinner or single date, our Dating Consultant conduct a private feedback session so as to ascertain the level of success of the date/event. Seeking feedback on the suitability of matches, of ease/comfort mingling with the group, the food, ambience, as well as whether he or she would like to go out with the date again. Such invaluable feedback will help us to fine tune the member’s dating journey, as no two person’s journeys are alike.

  • Wardrobe & Makeover Consultation Wardrobe & Makeover Consultation

    We have also helped our members look better and thus be more confident on their dates! How you look affects how you feel and vice versa, and thus here at The Dating Loft we go an extra mile to help our members know their coloring palette (whether they are cool or warm etc) and give suggestions on clothing that can flatter their figures. We have an array of help in the form of hairdressers, shoppers, beauticians and make-up artists to help our members look and feel their very best during dates!

  • Wedding Planning and Preparation Wedding Planning and Preparation

    Because of the growing number of couples who had met through us and have decided to take their relationship to the next step – marriage, we have started a wedding planning arm for our couples with exclusive discounts and tie-ups with merchants such as hotels, restaurants and bridal shops. Because we know their stories, we are in a better position to work with them to plan a meaningful and unforgettable celebration of the joys of matrimony.