Online Dating Sites

For the benefit of those who live under a rock, online dating sites are sites that offer online dating services.  It allows users to share information about themselves to their potential dates.  These information may include age, gender, companion preferences, or as intimate as physical preference, body appearance, and experience.  There are online dating sites that allow their users to upload pictures of themselves with their information.  Other uses can then browse through your photos.  Many online dating sites allow free registrations.

Online dating sites offer services that can range from very broad based target, to very specific dating targets.  You can specify your preferred religious affiliation, physical preferences, geographical area, etc.

One of the disadvantages of online dating services is that it holds with many issues.  One of these is dishonesty.  For example, some users  on the free dating sites will regularly upload fake pictures, fill in inaccurate profile information, or just simply lie on their profiles.  Another disadvantage of online dating is the anonymity of the online dating service.  You can never know who you really are talking too, and since most online dating services do not require you to post very personal information on the web or on their site, it will remain completely anonymous.

For sure, there are a lot of disadvantages with having online dating sites such as safety, honesty and accuracy, but there are quite a few advantages as well.  One of these is the sheer volume of potential dating companions, which is, in totality, a major advantage.  You can have thousands of potential date on most online dating services to browse, assess and choose from. Also, given that the profile data can be used to select and choose from those people who do not match your personality, the list of potential dates is definitely more targeted, regardless of your intentions.