Dating in Today’s Modern World

Dating has been a famous word for the modern population. It is a form of courting that involves social activities that caters to two people interested to assess the compatibility of one another. It can be a form of a meet up that engages both a mutually agreed upon socially acceptable leisure interest which generally involves a special meal and a day of great entertainment.

In most Asian cultures, dating usually is arranged. It is mostly arranged by a third party, usually the parents or relatives, which causes modern days a form of conflict as society has employed the use of autonomy and rights.  Also modern day dating now involves the “splitting of expenses” (aka. going Dutch). It creates a sense of lax modern social and personal values where a man used to pay for the expenses and now both are partake making it more and more acceptable in modern cultures.

With the rise of diverse technology and human innovativeness, there has been a wide variety of dating patterns. Online dating has been the most popular form of dating nowadays. It is just by easy access to the internet and a click is all it takes to find your partner in life! It is swiftly replacing traditional matchmakers by the use of online dating sites that you can match who and what qualities you are looking for and let the dating begin online!

Another famous and a bizarre way of dating is speed dating. There will be groups of people meeting up in public where you are given around a few minutes to assess potential mate and move on with the next after the time allotted. Mobile dating or famously known as cell phone dating can be quite portable and easy. A text message will be sent for mutual interests and possibly lead to an understanding.

Virtual dating is another form of dating which is quite popular for low self-esteemed people or just plain people who are highly modern. The use of “avatars” can spend time in the virtual 3D internet games online that pursues to look for potential dating partners. This dating service can draw creativity and at the same time misrepresentation of self.