Online Dating Websites Conversation Starters

Statistics show that only traditional methods of dating no longer apply, in fact 2% of men and 9% of women are forging relationships from clubs, bars and the "dating scene" in general.  Single women outnumber men by 15%.   And around 51% of singles surveyed claim that flattery and complimentary behaviour is the best way to attract a mate.

If you are a single and you saw those figures, you would probably conclude that it is the right time to go to online dating websites and try your luck.  But, nothing can be more disastrous on a date than running headfirst into the proverbial awkward silence. It would be awful to have a boring first date experience from someone you met through online dating websites.  

Silence will ruin your current date or relationship and it can also leave you scarred with the memory, thus allowing anxiety to settle in and force everything to become awkward.  To address these, here are a few conversation starters that will help to jumpstart the chat with the date that you met through online dating websites.

First of all, it is fine to talk about your day.  Just give your online dating website partner a highlight of some of the highs and lows of your day which are amusing.  When you give compliments, it would be good to just get a smile and ease into further conversation. Harping on about how hot someone appears is certainly not the way to go. 

When engaged in a conversation with your online dating website date, pay attention to the conversation that got you this date in the first place.  Only ask questions that require more than a one-word answer. If you can find a tactful, clean joke then set the stage and introduce some humour into the conversation.