General Online Dating Website Rules for Women

When using online dating websites, you should know that there are certain rules to observe.  Before entering the dating jungle, you should learn the ropes.  Courtship and dating is a ritual and there are things that we make happen that excite, stimulate, create interest and confound.

For women, never chase the men via email or sms.  Let them come to you.  Many thanks to the power of the internet, you can instantly block anyone you find annoying.  It also allows you to post the best, sexiest and most vampish photo you can find.  You should keep in mind though that just because you are in an online dating website, you can instantly rely to instant messages with geeky opening lines.  Remain mysterious and aloof and let yourself be chased.

To keep your shroud of mystery, reply to emails at least three days after receipt but never being careless to give out your real email address, phone details or other sensitive information to a person you do not know.  Always date safely and protect yourself at every turn.

Make sure your login name is stunning and sexy, as well as enigmatic and do not stay on the online dating website for hours on end.  It makes you seem way too available for your own good.  It is also not advisable to reply to online dating website emails on weekends as it makes you seem desperate. 

Keep in mind that any man who does not reply to your email within 3 days should be ignored.  He is not worth your time or your worry.  However, you should not chat with hundreds of men at once. The delay in replying is a dead giveaway.  Come across as cool and sophisticated for best results.

The rules in online dating websites are basically the same as traditional dating.  You still have to keep your cool while being careful and prudent.