For Females: Guide to Dating in Singapore

Just like in any urban jungle, there are certain rules to be followed when dating in Singapore.  Of course, the universality of being polite, being groomed to perfection and being a good listener remains.  Yet, there are certain dating aspects that are unique to this region.

For one, most men are generally shy when it comes to asking women out.  Unlike most western countries where men blurt out pick up lines nearly every ten minutes without so much as batting an eyelash, Singapore men are usually reserved and have to muster up their courage for ages before asking a lady out.  Because of this, dating agencies and matchmakers are quite common in Singapore.  There are some dating agencies that offer social event mixers, personalized dating or personality analysis and matchmaking. 

Second, equality takes on a new meaning in Singapore.  Men do not necessarily practice chivalry in most cases.  They do not give up their seats for ladies in public transports, they do not open doors for ladies and they even insert in queues.  Hence, on a date, men in Singapore often go out of their way to be extra nice to women and women should be gracious enough to make it seem like the men are doing them a huge favour.

When dating in Singapore, be sure to remain polite and interested.  Be a good listener and show your interest through body language.  Nod sporadically, laugh only when the occasion demands it and be polite throughout your evening.

As Singapore is still a conservative lot, it is normal that women should wait for men to ask them out.  When out on a date, it is still the men who pay.  Splitting the bill is not a common practice in Singapore.  After each date, men should take the lady back to her place of residence.