What Not to Do on a First Date

In your lifetime, you will read tons of articles telling you what to do and expect on your first date.  But you will rarely come across one which tells you what not to do.  Personally, I would have preferred it had I stumbled across an article such as this one.  It would have saved me a lot of trouble.

You see, there are too many “TO DO” stuffs to remember that I personally do not think my brain could handle it. 

Compiled here are some DON’Ts, which by the way have been gleaned the hard way.

1.    Do not chew gum on your first date.  You may think it is cool, but really, it’s not.  It only makes you look like a goat.  A nervous, fidgety goat.  What is worse than chewing gum?  Blowing a big bubble right before dinner time and having it deflated all over your face.

2.    Do not pretend to eat food any other way than you’re used to eating it.  Case in point: If you have, are and probably will still continue to use fork for most of your life, do not use chopsticks.  You will only make your life more miserable.  And you probably will not get a morsel of food into your mouth even after the date is over.  Second case: Pizza.  I eat pizza with my hands, ok?  I don’t eat it with a fork and knife.  At some phase in my life, I went out with a guy, ate pizza with a fork and knife, and sent the pizza flying toward the guy’s plate.  Oh, joy.

3.    Do not wear clothes that you are not normally comfortable in.  Whatever the occasion may be, there is no excuse for wearing binding clothes.  Wear clothes you can move around in.  Not something you can barely walk in.  You will not impress your date that way.  Believe me.

4.    Do not talk too much.  Do not spend most of the night blabbing.  Be a good listener.  And if you do decide that you just can’t help yourself from talking too much, make sure that you do not talk about yourself 90% of the time.

5.    Do not be too bossy.  Yes, you are independent, tough and your own person.  But there is a certain thin red line between knowing what you want and forcing what you want on other people, much less your date.  Always compromise.  Stop acting like a spoiled little brat.