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8 Easy steps to engage in private investigation

  1. Browse through the selected Private Investigators featured on this website and get relevant information about their qualifications and services.

  2. Submit your enquiry and it will simultaneously be sent to multiple private investigators. Your enquiry will be handled with utmost confidentiality.

  3. Confirm on the private investigator company which you think is the most credible and best qualified to handle your requirements.

  4. Discuss with your selected private investigation company to comprehensively air out your concerns and agree on a price.

  5. Deposit is normally required upon contract signing. Before signing the contract with your chosen private investigator, check every detail, and understand their T&C carefully.

  6. Provide the essential requirements that are needed for the private investigator to proceed with their investigative work.

  7. The private investigator will begin the investigation procedure. This includes documenting events and collecting evidences, if any.

  8. The private investigator will provide you with a report of their findings to validate or refute your initial theories.

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