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About the Company

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DP Quest Investigation Consultancy Pte Ltd is licensed by the Singapore Police Force and was set up by former senior police officers with years of experience in criminal and commercial investigation. These police officers worked from various departments, including the elite Commercial Affairs Department, which specializes in white-collar crime.

DP Quest Investigation Consultancy is based in Singapore and assisted by skilled and versatile operatives who are equipped with the resources to meet your investigation requirements, globally. Their operatives have adequate experience and have performed assignments in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, United Kingdom and The Netherlands.

They specialize in conducting surveillance and gathering information and have fulfilled client work for companies and private individuals.


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DP Quest Investigation is composed of skilled, versatile operatives. They are fully equipped with the right resources to meet each individual or company's investigation needs.


Since 2005


  • Commercial Cases

    • Infringement of trademarks, copyrights and patents
    • Commercial fraud
    • Fake merchandise
    • Background check on persons and/or businesses
    • Employee movement
  • Matrimonial / Family Cases

    • Divorce evidence
    • Spouse movement
    • Missing persons
  • Civil / Criminal Cases

    • Vandalism and mischief
    • Internal pilfering and theft


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Payment Terms


DP Quest Investigation Consultancy Pte Ltd offers package prices or charges on an hourly basis. Their fees exclude costs incurred during the investigation process, e.g. restaurant expenses, night club fees, hotel charges and other costs incurred while tracking the suspect.


50% to 80% deposit upon contract signing.


They provide daily updates.