I have never engaged the services of a private investigator before.
What things should I be aware of?

To protect yourself from being ripped off by private investigators that could not meet your requirements, verify if that private investigator has a valid license and do a little research. Here at iCompare Life-Private Investigator, we have saved you that troublesome phase by giving you relevant information about our selected private investigators to aid you in your decision-making.

Is engaging a private investigator legal?

Yes, engaging a private investigator is legal in Singapore. The methods by which the licensed private investigator access records and conduct investigation are lawful and authorized.

Will my partner know that I am employing the services of a private investigator to check on him?

The main goal of a private investigator is to acquire information to validate or refute your claims as quickly and discretely as possible. Private investigators understand that it will cause a great friction if your suspect knows you engaged their services, thus, private investigators normally work with utmost confidentiality, privacy and discretion.

How much will an investigation cost?

The cost would depend on the type of investigation and on its complexities. There may be factors that are beyond the private investigator’s control that may incur additional costs. Make an appointment with our recommended PI companies for a no obligation consultation and quotation.

What are the payment terms?

Most private investigation firms charge by the number of days required to complete the investigation, while some offer package prices. Normally, private investigators require 50% to 80% deposit upon signing of the agreement/contract.

How long does the private investigation take?

The timeframe would depend on the type of services required. The private investigator you engage would give you a rough estimate of the timeframe during the initial consultation.

I can't communicate with the private investigator regularly, will this be a problem?

No, you can set an arrangement with your chosen private investigator. You can arrange for them to contact you via e-mail or SMS or even set a schedule.

What information do the PI require from me before we can proceed with the investigation?

The requirements would depend upon the services required. Generally, they would require your suspect’s Full Name, Home and Office Address, Identification Card Number, Car Plate Number.

Could I do the surveillance work myself or get someone I know to do it?

You have to understand the issues associated with this:

  • The person you are trying to catch already knows you, thus there is a great chance of you being recognized which might blow your whole surveillance.
  • You or the person you know are not licensed, thus you may potentially breach some of Singapore’s laws.

The safest and best way would be to find professionals who can conduct the surveillance process appropriately.

Why do I need to sign an agreement before commencing investigations?

An agreement is for your protection as well as for the private investigators. Private investigators are obliged to uphold certain standards and ensure that they have the proper terms for engagement. The person seeking the information must have a legitimate request for the investigation of another party, to protect everyone involved.

How do the private investigators’ details appear on my credit card statement?

As a matter of discretion, private investigators generally have their own means of protecting your privacy by not making their names and the nature business appear on the statements.

What is the biggest part of private investigators’ work?

The biggest areas investigators are involved in are matrimonial cases and uncovering fraud.