Private Investigator Trends

Over the years, the art of investigating has changed.  From Sherlock Holmes, magnifying glasses and “clues”, it has evolved to physical surveillance and Internet surveillance.  Now, private investigators are up for another challenge.  That is the budding technological innovations.  Of course, for private investigators, surveillance will always exist.  It will always be highly lucrative.  Surveillance can now be through classified as physical surveillance (stalking, etc), Web surveillance, Internet surveillance, video surveillance and phone surveillance. 

With the rise of online payment methods such as PayPal, credit card payments, debit card payments using VISA and Mastercard, there is also an apparent rise in identity theft and identity fraud.  Thousands of people fall victim to this kind of crime each day.  There are so many means devised by hackers to gain confidential information from the Web.  Find private investigators with specialized training who can help you with that.

Security consulting is also one of the more famous private investigator gold mines.  The world has become more and more security conscious and many people are demanding security both in their homes and in their offices.  Security surveillance, security equipment and security surveys are just some of the request private investigators are receiving.

Private investigators also receive requests for competitive intelligence.  For those of you who do not know, competitive intelligence is gaining information from a competitor in order to give them an added advantage in the marketplace.  This is legal.  Many companies are hiring private investigators for this type of job in order to boost their declining sales or to simply compete with their strongest rival in the area.

As there are also a lot of crimes on the internet, private investigators are also asked to help out cybercrime victims.  Some are called to find out if their spouse is having an affair, some are called to shield their children from dangerous personalities on the Internet and some are called to help secure their web information.