Top 4 Private Investigator Gadgets

How private investigators work is not really a big secret.  Private investigators are normally associated with snooping around in big magnifying glasses.  However, recently the private investigator practice has changed drastically.

Nowadays, private investigators never conduct their business without the aid of certain technological tools such as the Internet, high power cameras and other surveillance systems. 

However, certain items have also emerged that are very helpful for private investigators.  Here are the top 4 essentials for private investigators:

1.    Audio equipment.  There are tons of audio voice analysis and modification equipments that offer voice stress analysis, voice changing and others.  There are also sound amplification equipments used for eavesdropping on people from a certain distance.  Audio recorders, digital recorders and such also fall in this category.

2.    Video equipment.  The most common video equipments are the hidden security cameras.  They could vary from the ones mounted on walls to hats, glasses, buttons, pens and more. 

3.    Computer equipment.  There are also quite a few equipment which are used to spa on computers.  These include softwares which record internet surfing activities, logging keystrokes and such other things

4.    Tracking Devices and Bug Detectors – Tracking devices and electronic bug detectors usually come in handy for private investigators.  They help detect and locate all major types of electronic surveillance devices including room, phone, body bugs, microphones, video transmitters, and tape recorders.  Meanwhile tracking devices such as GPS can track vehicles.