Private Eye, Private Investigator

Novels and movies certainly gave us a comprehensible illustration of what private investigators are. There is Sherlock Holmes. Who wouldn’t know this household fictional character (running through the corners of foggy London town, fedoras and the like)?

Job description would imply the capability of investigating and gathering facts. Giving us great notion to what private investigators does and the extent they create to meet both ends meet. They are primarily hired by distressed clients determined to clear their names, making them a hero in plight by arriving at a perfect timing of a minute early before such damnation to happen by solving the case.

Present day private investigators portrays us modern use of technology in investigation. There is Veronica Mars. Use of GPS, iPod slash disguised camera, internet databases, blond and with a touch of revenge. Yes, there are no more fedoras. But they are counterparts of the reflection of erstwhile stories.

How real is the chase? Are the events even possible? Is this even legal? Private investigators are paid to gather facts and information. They are of the private sectors in society, hence “private” investigation. They are not government based. They are separate entities with the famous crime scene investigators and police detectives. Although they help solve crimes along the way, they are not authorized to seize, detain and persecute suspects.

Private investigators have existed for about 150 years according to The first known private investigator agency was opened in France in 1833 known as Pinkerton National Detective Agency. The agency takes a lot of credits, but mostly famous for the mug shot concept and “private eye” drawn from its original logo. The private investigator agency also became famous as it reached the United States.

Private investigators today are still quite numerous as it continues to flourish with different fields of specialty. Some pertain to corporate investigation upon acquiring a business degree. Others move to intellectual property rights. The concept of private investigation is still at large but now with focus on their respective sphere.