Can I be a Private Investigator?

Do you qualify to be a Private Investigator? Wouldn’t that sound cool, Private Eye? I bet you’re imagining yourself right now wearing fedoras, coat, boots and a magnifying glass! Contemporary investigation wouldn’t require that! It just needs your intrinsic need to know the truth, a little touch of courage and wide range of connections. Although, some would require licenses and others with an educational background (college degree), and experience at investigations.

According to, no formal education is required or any investigative experiences. However, mostly have postsecondary degrees. A related degree such as Police Science is not essential but preferred. Experience at police investigation is highly favored. With inclination to a corporate investigator, a person is highly preferred and most likely requires having a degree related to business administration or law and even CPAs. In computer forensics, a computer science and accounting degree is quite essential. A good background of computer knowledge would be helpful for locating internet fraud.

Usually, newly hired private investigators and detectives would be required to undergo proper training depending on what field of specialty they belong. For example, a newly hired private investigator in the insurance company would be trained to deal and recognize different types of insurance fraud. A civil law firm would need specialty training on civil cases. Most of the time, private investigators would need to update themselves with training especially in regards to the technological fields as technology is constantly changing. Although, odd as it may sound, some states (in the U.S.) require licensure for private investigators!

The most important qualification for an employee to possess is the private investigators person. He/she needs to possess assertiveness, ingenuity and character. He needs to have a good investigative skills and interrogation attitude as to facilitate convincing the jury, when in trial, the presentation of his evidence (thus, a good background on criminal law or any related field is a bonus). Most of the time, the employer would seek a background check on the private detective for any criminal records and competence.