What Kind of Date Are You?

Personalized Dating
PERSONALIZED DATING Introducing couples require a highly individualized approach. It requires careful logical assessment and pairing of their interest and goals, and an overall intuitive sense of who will most likely click and who will not. In this sense, personalized dating appraisal is something which can never be duplicated by any artificial intelligence.

Personalised dating is an exclusive dating service that is tailor-made for members who want a more specific, one-to-one matching approach. With personalised dating, you get to enjoy the exclusive attention of a dating advisor who will act as your counsellor and love coach.

A warm and exclusive ambience is a great place for you and your match to develop your relationship. This type of dating service is ideal for those who are focused and already are confident in their relationship goals.

  • Detailing Preferences Detailing Preferences You will be assigned o an advisor. You will have a professional consultation, particularizing demographic and psychographic information about yourself and your ideal partner.
  • Match Making Match Making Your advisor will find your match, based on the specifications and criteria you provided. When your advisor finds your suitable partner, you and your match will be informed of this.
  • Meeting Meeting If you and your match agree, then your advisor will arrange a meet-up and will facilitate the meeting.
Social Event | Dating
SOCIAL EVENT Singles searching for their ideal match will have the perfect opportunity to find their partners in a social event / mixer, where they are given the golden chance to meet each other, chat and find their potential dates. It is a casual, relaxed and effective way to find your perfect mate.

A social event allows you to enjoy the ease of having great conversation with new friends of the opposite sex. Mostly set in a cosy, comfortable vicinity, a social event allows you to meet a lot of fellow professionals who are also in search of their ideal match.

Intimacy and romance highlight events such as these. Social events allow you to see a person’s physical attributes and assess his or personality simultaneously. Singles who are in search of serious relationships find social events a great platform for them to sort out the people who may have the potential to click with their own personalities.

  • Be Polite Be Polite Nothing is more off-putting than a loudmouth who exudes rudeness and disrespect.
  • Dress the Part Dress the Part If the event calls for a casual setting, then dress smartly, yet casually. If it is set in a posh hotel lounge, it would be absurd for you to turn up in your jeans and t-shirt.
  • Mingle, Mingle, Chat Mingle, Mingle, Chat Hiding in a corner would defeat the entire purpose of the event. Mingle around and meet new friends. Talk to people to learn more about them -- and for them to learn more about you.
Online Dating Portal
ONLINE DATING PORTAL An online dating portal allows you to communicate with other people over the internet, with the intention of developing a personal romantic relationship. An online dating portal provides unmoderated matchmaking and social networking, allowing you to met new friends, share your favourite music, pictures and videos, and maybe even find your soul mate.

Online dating services usually require you to provide personal information before you can start searching their data bases for other individuals using age range, gender and location. These sites also allow you to upload images of yourself and to browse the photos of its other users. There are a few online dating sites that provide free registration, but some may offer services which require a monthly fee. Other sites even depend on advertising for their revenue.

A lot of these online dating sites are broad-based, with members coming from a variety of backgrounds looking for different types of relationships. Meanwhile, other sites can be more specific, based on the type of members, interests, location, or relationship.