Apparently, no one is considered a dating expert. Yet, we tried to compile the best tips and advices when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, dating and ensuring that a certain chemistry blossoms into an enduring relationship.

  • Dating Tips | Be Prepared Be Prepared

    Make sure you are ready to commit to dating. There are no rooms for hesitation and half-hearted decisions. If you really want to date, then you should put your heart and a whole lot of effort into it. Make a list of what you want to get out of dating and brace yourself for rejections that you will most likely face at some point.

  • Tips in Dating | Practice Good Grooming Practice Good Grooming

    You do know that nobody wants to date a slob, right? Get your act together, and look your best. Join a gym, get fit, get a suitable hairstyle for your face, and do not ever for get to groom yourself. The confidence you get from looking your best can be sensed by others.

  • Dating Tips | Get a make over Get A Makeover

    If you are not satisfied with how you look, get a makeover. Go shopping and treat yourself to new makeup, clothes, shoes and accessories. Project an image that flatters you and you are comfortable with. Do not ever try to duplicate other people’s outlandish styles. Amplify and accentuate your positive traits and spruce yourself up.

  • Dating help | Get Support Get Support

    Be around people who support your dating endeavour. Do not sit around with cynics or friends who are highly negative about love and relationships. You can also attend social functions frequented by singles, and not by married couples.

  • Join Clubs Join Clubs

    If you are an introvert, now is the time to be more outgoing. Join clubs, societies, sports events, drama groups and other cliques that can help you meet like-minded potential partners. Surely, you will not meet new people by staying at home and reading paperbacks.

  • Set Realistic Expectations Set Realistic Expectations

    Think about what you want to get out of dating. Are you really in for a serious relationship? Is marriage an immediate plan for you? You have to understand that even if you find date who you wish to have a serious relationship with; it will not necessarily mean you will get married in a year or so. Separate fairytale endings from reality.

  • Keep Your Mystery Keep Your Mystery

    One of the biggest mistake people make is making themselves too available. Most people like mystery along with the thrill of the chase and conquest when it comes to dating. A part of keeping your enigma is not sleeping with your dates early on. The longer you make a person is chase and fall for you, the more likely that love and real friendship may blossom.

  • Practice Good Judgement Practice Good Judgement

    Be careful about your choice of dates. Do not date someone simply because of their looks or simply because they will make good arm candy. Consider the overall package. In the end, it is compatibility that is most important. Avoid the rude and potentially damaging partners. You will only hurt yourself.

  • Know When to Take a Time Off Know When to Take a Time Off

    If your dating endeavour is not going as planned, or is causing more frustrations that smiles, then recharge your batteries and take a time off. It is normal to hit rough patches but it is no reason to push yourself to the limit.

  • Enjoy Dating Enjoy Dating

    Do not take dating too seriously. It is not a career. Dating involves meeting people and socializing and spending time in the company of interesting individuals who may or may not play a bigger part in your life in the future. Enjoy the company of people even if at the middle of your date, it seems like you will not end up together. Friendship is always a great option.


With your body language, you can attract the right man. Sending out the right signals and body language will ensure you that will attract the right partner.

  • Eye Contact Eye Contact

    Do not underestimate the power of making eye contact. The more you make eye contact, the better. You can start with a few sidelong glances before making direct eye contact. Once he turns to meet your gaze, lower your eyes and smile to yourself. A gesture like this will relay to him that you were watching him and are embarrassed that he caught you. Your next step would be to hold his stare and to flash a winning smile. However, if a man who you are totally not interested keeps on staring, look away from him and do your best never to meet his gaze again.

  • Make a Good First Impression Make a Good First Impression

    Always, always, always look your best and dress your best. You don’t need to wear a ballgown to work, but you have to look presentable and devastatingly attractive. Enter a room with grace and an air of confidence. Looking your best will make you feel your best. So make sure that before you leave your home, you look your best.

  • Mind Your Posture Mind Your Posture

    Your posture is one of the most telling signs, so you have to be careful. An open posture shows that you are an open person. Lean towards the person you are speaking, tilt your head slightly and nod to show interest in what he is saying. If you cross your arms, lean backwards, turn your body away from him, hold a drink in front of your or rest your feet on their toes will tell a person that you are not interested in what he has to say.

  • Hand Signals Hand Signals

    Your hands can send very powerful messages. In fact, there are quite a number of ways you can use your hand to convey your interest in someone. Unclench your hands to show a person you are interested in him. A more seductive move is to use your hands to caress the rim of your glass, locks of your hair, or the sleeve of your blouse. If you are feeling flirty, you can try touching the sleeves of his shirt, his arms or using the “accidental touch” routine. You should not stuff your hands in your pockets, clean your glasses or cross your arms.

But ladies, if you do try the suggested body language strategy and he is as responsive as a stone, abort mission immediately. Do not waste your time and effort on someone who is more interested in the plate of food in front of him.


If you are a guy who:

  • Has not been in a serious relationship for a very long time
  • Has not dated in years
  • Has never dated
  • Is unsuccessful with women

Then this article is for you.

Follow these dating rules when venturing into the dating game. These conventions even the dating game playing field, preparing you for success while protected your fragile emotions. Arm yourself.

  • Look Good Look Good

    Looking good does not just mean putting on some hair gel and parting your hair in the latest boy band fashion. You should also get some decent shoes and clothes that fit you well. Women are very particular about these kinds of things. Get clothes that fit, are contemporary and conform to your personality. Do not dress like someone else. Also, do not just buy one decent outfit and wear it every time you go out on a date. Buy a nice tailored suit. You will thank yourself one day.

  • Practice Good Hygiene Practice Good Hygiene

    If your hair is a mess, take a trip to the nearest barber shop and have your hair cleaned up. Get a good shave too, to leave your face looking great. While you are at it, go buy yourself a good, mild cologne, comb, deodorant and foot powder. Please do shower regularly to smell fresh and clean. Women appreciate that.

  • Get a Clue Get a Clue

    Nothing is a bigger turn off than being clueless. Make sure you are up to date with current affairs and are in touch with the world. Women dislike stupidity and laziness. Being aware just shows that you care about the world we live in.

  • Be A Man Be A Man

    Read up on manners, courtesy and chivalry. Treat a woman with respect and try to bite your tongue every time you feel the urge to spew curse words. Get rid of your laziness, rudeness and coarse language. It is also important that you know how to order and eat in a fine restaurant. Be aware of the latest trends in fashion, jewelry and flowers. Know when to listen and when to stop talking. Keep your date interested but don't turn into a one-man show. Sounds tough enough? It does not end there. You also have to remember all the things she told you so you can impress her.

  • Learn To Dance Learn To Dance

    It is very impressive to see a man dance. Dancing puts two people in very close contact, romantic and sexy. You can try joining dance classes to impress her. You do not need to be the world’s best dancer and sweep her off her feet, but you ought to have an idea of the basics of rhythm.


Do you really think that you will meet the partner of your dreams if you are a crazy workaholic? Would your perfect match fall from the heavens and land on top of your desk and miraculously propose to you? So for all you guys and gals that live with your desk mentality, take note:

  • Are You A Workaholic Are You A Workaholic?

    The first step is in truly knowing and admitting that you have a problem. A workaholic puts aside his health, friends, family and the possibility of romance for work. A workaholic loves being busy, enjoys working long hours. On the other hand, there are those people who are simply stuck with too much work because of a demanding boss, or because of equally demanding clients.

  • Set Your Priorities Straight Set Your Priorities Straight

    Do not use your work as an excuse. Do not keep putting off dates, meet ups or family gatherings because of work. Do not leave behind your romantic life You must be in control of your life. Not your boss.

  • Learn to Focus Learn to Focus

    It is essential that you learn to find that balance between your work, home and life. If you do not pin this down, you will not have a home life to balance out. So, when you are out on a date, focus all your attention on your date and really listen to what they say. Take the time to get to know more about them instead of thinking what you will do when you get home or what tasks are awaiting you the next day at work. When in the office, take a few minutes to drop them an e-mail. This thoughtful deed will go a long way. All relationships require effort, but the effort will definitely pay off.

  • Value Your Time Value Your Time

    Your time is as valuable as the next person’s. Just because you are single and presumably living alone, that does not mean that you have the responsibility to stay later than your married, busy, child-rearing counterparts.

  • Live a Life Live a Life

    Spend some time engaging in your hobbies and interests instead of being cooped up in the office. If you are a dog lover, join in a dog lovers’ club. Be sociable and enjoy your life. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone: You get to live a life and you may also get to meet your perfect match.