Bukit Batok Driving Centre Ltd

Conducive Learning.

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Simulator Lesson, Auto-Transmission, Driving Tests, Refresher

Pick Up Point

A shuttle bus will pick you up from the Bukit Gombak MRT station at this schedule: http://www.bbdc.sg/bbdc/bbdc_web/ShuttleBus.asp


To view a complete list of their instructors, see: http://www.bbdc.sg/bbdc/bbdc_web/manualGroups.asp

Enrollment Fee



15 April 1988

Mode of Payment

Cheque (to be made 2 weeks before the course), NETS, Cashcard


Address: 815 Bukit Batok West Avenue 5, Singapore 659085

Website: http://www.bbdc.sg/bbdc/bbdc_web/index.asp

Telephone: 1800 666 8888, 6594 3524

Fax: 6561 1266

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday : 0745hrs - 2145hrs
Saturday - Sunday : 0745hrs - 1545hrs
Closed on public holidays

About the Company

Bukit Batok Driving Centre Ltd is one of the most advanced driving centres in the South East Asia region.

Established on 15th April 1988, we officially opened on 6th April 1990.

We were all ready to go and were set out with the vision to reduce the number of road-related accidents and promote road safety as a long-term national goal.

Mission Statement
Bukit Batok Driving Centre's mission is to offer motorists comprehensive and unique methods of training in safe driving.


Enrollment Fees Fees with GST
Enrollment (valid for 1 year) {Payable during enrolment} S$89.88
4 Theoretical Lessons (each lesson) S$17.12
Off-Peak Hour Theory Practice/Evaluation Session (1 session : 45 min) S$2.14
Peak Hour Theory Practice/Evaluation Session (1 session : 45 min) S$3.21
Practical Fees  
Off-Peak Hour PractiOff-Peak Hour Practical Lesson (100min) S$59.92
Peak Hour Practical Lesson (100min) S$68.48
Session 8 (70min) S$48.15
**Off-Peak Hour Simulator Lesson S$11.77
**Peak Hour Simulator Lesson S$13.91
Off-Peak Hour Auto Transmission Lesson (100min) S$59.92
Peak Hour Auto Transmission Lesson (100min) S$68.48
Test Fees  
Basic Theory Test S$6.00
Final Theory Test S$6.00
Practical Test S$20.00
Vehicle Rental S$107.00
50 mins Warm-Up (Mon to Fri) S$29.96
50 mins Warm-Up (Sat) S$34.24
Membership Renewal Fee  
Membership Renewal (per month) S$7.49
** 1 Session = 50 min / Course Ratio = 1 instructor : 3 learners  
Refresher Driving Course  
Enrollment (Valid for 6 months) $47.08
Off Peak, 0800hrs to 1740hrs (Monday-Friday) $59.92
Peak, 1800hrs to 2245hrs (Monday-Friday) Peak, 1800hrs to 2245hrs (Monday-Friday) $68.48